Eye on: Folding Screens

My mother has always been a big fan of folding screens, and I’m beginning to understand their genius. They’re inexpensive (or they can be), practical, easy to store when not in use, and hide a multitude of sins (i.e. clutter).  It seems that they’re popular items, too.  I’ve seen several of them at occasional sales lately. I actually bought one, which I’m planning to repaint (stay tuned for that project!).

Considering different “looks” for my screen, I thought others of you might be in the same boat – possessed of a folding screen but unable to decide if or how to “make it your own.”

Pinterest and design blogs are great resources, as are design/décor magazines, but I’m going to help you cheat with a few of the best that I’ve come across:


Resources:  (1) via apartmenttherapy, (2) via apartmenttherapy, (3) bhg.com , (4) Small Place Style blog, (5) MyHomeIdeas.com, (6) Reclaimed tin ceiling tiles at Sawbridge.com, (7) via SpecialtoWomen.com, (8) via CalicoCorners.com, (9) from Inviting Home, (10) Jardins du Jour via elledecor.com 

Most of the above screens can be DIY – if you have a decent imagination and some painting/staple gun skills ~


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