Our Shopping Motto


SMALL ~ LOCAL ~ VINTAGE. Call it a motto, or even a mantra. It sums up our way of shopping. We like to shop at small, independently owned stores which we can visit in person. And we prefer vintage goods whether they are still in their original shape, re-purposed for a new use, or crafted for a fresh look. We like recycled items of high-quality craftsmanship. And we admire creative artistry which has transformed a so-so piece into a thing of beauty. All of these things can be found in abundance at local occasional sales!

Many of your favorite shops will be open this weekend, especially on Small Business Saturday. Please support them if you plan to go shopping. Other shops are remaining true to the occasional concept and are closed this weekend. Never fear, all will be ready to wow you when they are open in December. (Please see This Month’s Sales for a list of stores which are open this weekend).

Stay warm and happy saling!

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