ONE LITTLE THING: vintage towel holder

ONE LITTLE THING: When you look around your home, do you ever get that feeling of being totally overwhelmed because your space isn’t neat/chic/inspired/organized enough?  Me, too!  We have to remind ourselves that often there’s one little thing we can do or add to a space to improve it.  It’s that ONE LITTLE THING.


I found today’s ONE LITTLE THING at an antiques store north of Gulfport, Mississippi.  It looked cool, but I wasn’t sure what it was…

As I was inspecting it, I saw that it was made in Japan.  Then I looked at the price tag, which listed the item as a “towel holder”.  Hmmm.  I couldn’t really see myself using it for that.  For $18, I thought it was cool and would look good on my desk, so I bought it.

When I got it home, I realized the perfect use – business card holder!

I love the detailing on the hands…

I’ve never seen another piece like this, so I’m glad I snatched up when I did!

– Katherine

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