Wishing You a Happy 2014!

Dear Salers ~
It’s been a great year of shopping all over the Twin Cities and out into greater Minnesota. Thank you for reading our posts and checking our Monthly Sales listings! Many new shops opened in 2013. Our policy has been to only list a shop after we have personally visited it so we can share a photo and short description. This is becoming more time consuming, but we will try to keep up. Please feel free to add a comment if you find a new shop you’d like us to visit. The list for this month is still in progress as some shops haven’t announced 2014 dates. As always, please verify open dates before you make a special trip.

Dear Shop Owners ~
Thank you for providing so much hospitality and (might I even say) entertainment throughout the year! You are a fabulous group of individuals. It’s always a pleasure to visit you and see what unique treasures you have to offer. I just have one favor to ask: please publish your dates and times well in advance. (Sometimes it’s hard to guess which weekend is your regular open weekend especially when there’s a holiday). And if you see an error in This Month’s Sales, please comment so it can be corrected.
Thank you! Hope to see you soon!

Happy New Year from Major Biddle and TOS!
Happy New Year from Major Biddle and TOS!

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