Prairie Haven and More Hutchinson Vendors

Prairie Haven
Vintage Lamps

Prairie Haven
Pillows Galore

Prairie Haven
Crafted Light

Prairie Haven Designs is a combination of beautifully crafted pillows, light fixtures and upholstery mixed with vintage furniture, dishes, and fun accessories all artistically displayed in a purpose-built barn-like building which is usually open just four times a year. This weekend is a rare bonus shopping opportunity. Prairie Haven is located at the end of Raven Avenue on the north side of Hutchinson with open fields behind. To get there, take Hwy. 15/Main Street north from Hwy. 7 to North High Drive. Go east (the first exit) from the traffic circle for 1/4 mile. Turn left (north) on Raven Avenue and continue to the big green building at the end. Hours are 10 to 6 today and tomorrow.

The Minted Patina Market introduced some very creative crafters displaying their wares. One is Crosby Creek Farms which makes small barn door hardware for hanging mirrors, chalkboards, photos and art. (Please see photos above and below). They also craft the wooden frames and make beautiful clothes hooks.
Crosby Creek Farms
at Minted Patina

Another interesting creation found at the Minted Patina Market is for kids. These handsewn tepees made and sold by Its Sew You would make a fun tent for kids and can be customized with your choice of fabrics.
Its Sew You at
Minted Patina

Its Sew You
(Girl’s Tepee)

And one more vendor who stood out was Marlene Card-Reeck with a collection of practical, colorful painted metal flowers available for your window box or your refrigerator (with a magnet).
Flowers by Marlene
at Minted Patina

These are some of the highlights from the Minted Patina Market, representing a small but well-chosen group of over twenty vendors. Happy saling!

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