A Vintage Bike + Flowers = Instant Vacation Scene

How many times have we seen photos of idyllic small towns in France or Italy that include a vintage bicycle with a basket full of flowers and thought ‘how dreamy’?

In a follow-up to yesterday’s vintage bicycle post, I thought I’d share this photo that I took last week at Haupt Antiek in Apple Valley:

I offer this formula for a wonderful display in your own yard:

1. Purchase (or dig out from your garage) a vintage bicycle.  It can be freshly painted, or have that lovely distressed look.

2. Lean it up against your house or a fence – preferably a place with cascading vines.

3. Add flowers to the basket.  For more impact, hang additional flowering plants on bicycle wheels, frame and seat.

And voilà!  Instant European countryside scene, right at home!


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