Eye On: Fancy Trash

I’m going to admit it: I’ve been thinking a lot of garbage lately.  No, not gossip!  Real garbage – as in, stuff to going to the landfill.  Well, more specifically, where the trash goes  before it leaves my home.

I’m redecorating a home office space for myself and I’ve sourced a lot of the décor at occasional sales.  I’m drawn to rather formal pieces – there’s a lot of gold and elegant florals.  So the industrial aluminum wastebasket I’ve been using doesn’t work in the space.

As luck would have it, I found a fantastic gold & silver Florentine wastebasket (yes, actually made in Italy!) at The Bee Cottage earlier this month.  Then I found another perfect wastebasket at the Urban Cottage two weeks ago.  It’s perfect for my boyfriend, an antique map collector who lived in Paris – see below and you’ll understand why!

my Florentine wastebasket from The Bee Cottage
for my boyfriend, the Parisian map lover, from the Urban Cottage

All of this trash on the mind got me thinking: why is there never a garbage in photos of rooms featured in glossy home magazines or interior design books?  Stylish people throw things away, too, right?  And even if they’re not shown in photos, there must be trash cans in these spaces.  I turned to a favorite of mine, elledecor.com for answers.  Here’s what I found:

Floret by John Robshaw Textiles. Photo by Geoffrey Sokol for Elledecor.com
Heather Ikat at Squarefeathers.com
Farfalle by Fornasetti at Barneys New York. Photo by Geoffrey Sokol for elledecor.com
Mirror wastebasket by Notre Monde from Ankasa.com. Photo by Geoffrey Sokol for Elledecor.com
Brillante Croco at Squarefeathers.com
Peacock by Il Papiro (Phone 212-288-9330). Photo by Geoffrey Sokol for Elledecor.com
simple, ceramic waste bin by Canvas. Photo: Geoffrey Sokol for Elledecor.com

You’ve got to have them, so wastebaskets might as well be attractive!



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