How Often Are Occasional Sales? How Many in Chaska?

This is a question we hear a lot. Our rule of thumb has been to only consider a shop an Occasional Sale if it is open five or fewer days per month. We try to limit our Listings, and especially our Posts, to shops which meet that criteria. BUT sometimes a shop starts out being open only one weekend per month and then starts adding days here and there. We have been a little bit flexible with shops like that. A case in point is Shop 501 in Chaska. They started out one weekend a month in Carver, but then moved to Chaska a year ago today to become Shop 501 and shortly after added more days for their business to be open. Now they are open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. To honor their first year in business as Shop 501 at 501 N. Chestnut St. in Chaska, here are some photos.

Shop 501
Shop 501

Shop 501
Shop 501

Grandma Alert - Sweet Kids Clothes at Shop 501
Grandma Alert – Sweet Kids Clothes at Shop 501

Hours are 10 – 5. 612-991-0625

Linda’s Cellar is another good reason to visit Chaska tomorrow. It is a true occasional sale which is open Sat 10 – 4 at 110 E. 2nd St. on the street by Dunn Bros. Besides the touches of spring and classic vintage finds, you may find focaccia and cake to sample. 612-987-9898

Linda's Cellar
Linda’s Cellar

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