Savage & Shakopee Sales

The Brass Peacock, Savage
The Brass Peacock,
How Quaint, Shakopee
How Quaint, Shakopee
How Quaint
How Quaint

The Brass Peacock is home to elegant, historic charm. Antiques of Victorian or Downton Abbey era are abundant. All very proper and lovely. How Quaint mixes cottage charm with vintage pieces. Both stores are open this weekend. The Brass Peacock at 4740 W 124th is 2 blocks south of Hwy 13 and west of Lynn. How Quaint is at 714 1st Ave E in downtown Shakopee. Happy saling!

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  1. The Brass Peacock says:

    Hi Sue,
    We we so glad you stopped in so we could meet you! Your web site is awesome!!We will be in touch

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