Books and Terrariums – Plus So Much More

Your Lucky Day! has collected a library’s worth of books for this month’s sale. Lots of great, recent children’s classics like Harry Potter, favorites from Kate deCamillo, and one of my all-time favorites, Bread and Jam for Francis. Adults can choose history, fiction or cookbooks. The terrariums are sweet fairy gardens for indoor enjoyment by youngsters and elders. And then you’ll find tables, dressers, cabinets, chairs in traditional, retro, and repurposed styles. Dishes, toys, pillows, luggage….the list goes on. Grab some coffee next door and spend time browsing the beautifully orchestrated collection at Your Lucky Day! 4159 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis. Open Th-Sun, July 25-28, 9 – 6 daily.IMG_2886

Your Lucky Day!
Your Lucky Day!

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