One Little Thing: Tags

I noticed these lovely tags for sale at last week’s JunkMarket Under Cover and couldn’t resist taking a photo.  It also started me thinking about what a difference a tag can make. One wouldn’t necessarily think about it consciously, but aren’t you likely to pay a little bit more for an item with a beautiful tag than the same item with a neon garage sale sticker on it?

The cards in the photo would make wonderful holiday gift tags.  And how much more striking does a package look with a gorgeous trimming (tag included)?

It’s a lesson luxury brands have learned well: make the packaging remarkable and customers will buy your products, and happily pay more!  Whether or not you’re a fan of Cartier or Chanel, you’ll do well to “dress up” your gifts.  It does make a difference!


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  1. I totally agree with you about the tags. I also think it goes the same for marketing the products we may be selling. For the last 18 months I changed out my business cards, product tags, and most recently this Summer designed and commissioned my own custom crown i.d tags for my vintage redesigned jewelery business. Amazing how these extra little touches can really make a difference in presentation and the specialness of ones product line.
    Great blog post…

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