Shopping Improves a Gloomy Day

IMG_2800 2Fact or rumor? You decide. I’m just saying….why not give it a try? Plenty of sales to visit this weekend. I only visited a couple…so far.

At Junket: Tossed and Found, I was warmly greeted by owner Julie who is passionate about recycling old stuff and finding a new home for used pieces. Her store is a combination flea market and houseware history museum.

A visit to A Gathering of Friends allows you not only a great antiquing experience, but a casual lunch and a chance to buy your first outdoor planter of the season brimming with pansies!

The Crowned Cottage treats you to a sophisticated milieu with a homey feel. (See photo above).

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2 Responses to Shopping Improves a Gloomy Day

  1. Linda says:

    HI SUE!

    Would you add contact info for sales you are recommending in emails? Thanks

    • sue says:

      Hi, Linda,
      All the details for these and other sales occurring this month are given on website under THIS MONTH’S SALES. Contact these three sales at:
      Thanks for reading our posts!

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